What makes Colombian Coffee so delicious?

Colombia is a well-known destination for delicious coffee. Its smooth taste and delicious aromas are appealing to coffee lovers. So what makes Colombian coffee in my words delicious? Well my friends, it all starts with the beans and of course the geography and climate helps as well:)

Arabica beans versus Robusta beans

There are two different main types of coffee beans: Arabica and Robusta. Colombia is one of the countries that produces 100% arabica beans. Arabica beans have a milder, sweeter taste. Since Arabica flavor has a higher acidity than robusta, it adds to the fruit, chocolate and nutty flavors in arabica coffee. Robusta on the other hand in lower in this quality which contributes to the woody or burnt rubber flavor.”

Less caffeine

Arabica beans has less caffeine. It contains 1.5% caffeine content whereas robusta contains 2.7%. An important fact to those that are concerned with the negative effects of too much caffeine. Caffeine also has a bitter flavor which makes arabica less bitter than robusta.

The ideal coffee climate

The weather, the elevation, and the differences in soil helps to create the unique flavor profiles in each of the main regions within Colombia.

Colombia has the perfect region to cultivate coffee. As noted by the Federacion Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia, its proximity to the equator line (0 degrees) generates a solar exposure that influences the median temperatures registered in the Colombian mountain chains. These specific conditions allow for favorable conditions for the cultivation of coffee at high altitudes. At these altitudes in the tropics, moderate temperatures are present year long, without extreme variations.

Cultivation of Coffee

The manual labor is another key element for the cultivation of coffee. The beans are carefully and meticulously selected and hand picked. No machines are used in the selection process. Such care and attention results in consistently good, mild coffees, with a well-balanced acidity coffee.

So there you have it. These are the key factors that make Colombian coffee so delicious. Once you try it, you will understand.

Monica SeldenComment